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Staff Recruitment

Here at Allstaff we don't just find you the right resume but we also get you the right person for the job! We are committed to help you find the ideal candidate, and we are perfectly equipped with the resources to do so. So put your trust in the hands of our professionals and never have to worry about recruitment again! With our trained staff and powerful software system, we can rapidly and accurately match resumes and vacancies within our filtered databases, arrange interviews expediently and track all follow up activities effectively. Matching jobs and people is what we do best at Allstaff. 

Manpower contracting for jobs in malaysia

Manpower Contracting

If you're seeking to engage staff on a contractual basis or for a temporary period but don't want to get caught up in the all the hassle of searching, engaging and administering payroll, then just talk to us. We specialize in the human resources department and manpower contracting, and we are here to cater to your hiring needs.

Why is contracting becoming ever so popular?

  • It allows for quick and efficient deployment of suitable personnel to fill the gaps during temporary shortfalls and spikes in business activities.
  • It enables employers to get the right people with the right skills in a timely manner.
  • It takes the burden of the strenuous and time-consuming tasks involved in staff recruitment and administration from employers, thereby giving them more time to focus on core business activities.
Allstaff outsourcing for jobs in malaysia


There are and always will be certain operations within an organisation that are not a part of its core business. These secondary yet essential aspects of a business are usually things that must be done but aren't something you want to have to spend sleepless nights thinking about. A simple and efficient solution to all these issues is to OUTSOURCE ! Consider outsourcing these operations and pass the buck to someone who is happily willing to shoulder these responsibilities for you!

Advantages of outsourcing:

  • You can focus your energy on your core competencies and become a lot more productive.
  • You can easily scale your operation up or down as you please.

Operations that can be outsourced:

  1. Helpdesk
  2. Engineering documentation control
  3. Data centers
  4. Logistics documentation control
  5. HR functions
  6. Payroll and finance

How Allstaff can help you

  • You can list your job requirements on our website at no cost!
  • We can immediately match your listings against our massive database of resumes to help you shortlist candidates fast.
  • We like to stay in touch, so our sales staff will contact you to get updates and feedback and to make sure we meet your immediate and long term needs.
  • As an outsourcing company, we are in a good position to propose and suggest alternative solutions to your staffing and miscellaneous needs that will propel your productivity and reduce spending.
  • All it takes to start using our wonderful services is a few short minutes to register and sign up with us for free!